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About me

Professional coach, consultant and facilitator for over ten years



I was born and raised in Canavese, a land of highlands, hills, and mountains nestled between Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta.
I grew up surrounded by practical people who knew the value of time, hard work, mutual trust, and courage.
Active and hard-working people, with many qualities and some faults as well! They transmitted me a deep sense of duty and a strong community spirit. They thought me that both in good times and in the face of adversity, the most important thing is to show your commitment and live each moment to the fullest.
Studies, work, and love made me travel across Italy, and part of the world.
I currently live with my family in the outskirts of Rome, near the Castelli Romani which have now become my home.
Although I am passionate about the digital world, I am equally convinced that a biography has to start from a physical place. The relationship with the environment and people surrounding us and the situations we live are the starting point in the journey towards our evolution.
I have over ten years of experience as a professional coach, advisor, and facilitator.
I embrace the values and standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), of which I am a certified member. When I discovered coaching, I felt like my experiences, skills and aspirations were coming together. I found a tool that allows me and my clients to become partners. Through teamwork, I can see them grow and transform themselves
This is why I never stopped looking, seeking, and exploring.
One of my goals is to continuously improve so that I can live up to the task, offer the right tools and support partners, clients, and peers in the best way possible.
After a degree in Sociology and a PhD in Social Sciences, I pursued studies and certifications in coaching, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and approaches to transformation for individuals and teams.
In 2016 in Amsterdam, I became certified in Leading Organizational Transition and became the first certified expert in Transition Management (William Bridges Associate model) in Italy. Since then, I have been able to experience first-hand the effectiveness of a Management Transition approach, both in highly complex realities and at the level of single individuals.
I have now delivered thousands of hours of coaching, facilitation, and advisory services.
My 30+ years’ experience in people management both in large multi-nationals and in medium and small organizations gave me structure, discipline, and high awareness of the corporate and business world.
Other sources of inspiration were and continue to be collaboration with academia and wide-ranging volunteering experiences: development projects in Africa, youth, music, cultural and socio-political promotion of individuals and territories. All these experiences accompany me in my own journey as a coach, advisor and facilitator, and they contribute to further enrich the services I can offer.

Certifications and Training

The process

The steps to follow


The protection of ourself is natural, but a path begins lowering the shields. The watchword is trust. Since the first conversation this is the taste you have to enjoy.


The best way to begin, is to define the field and circumscribe the ground. From where do you start and what you want to get from the program? What will show that we are working to get the aims? The in-take session is the right moment to track the field.


A developing path, both individual or in team, about an organization or a community, is always an adventure. There are both difficulty and exciting moments. Insidious path and breathtaking panoramas. New surprises and new awareness. The sessions and the workshops are organized stages for the transformations that became concrete in the everyday life.


In every development project early arrives the moment that show us that we are gone beyond. The marked ground has been only the basis to go elsewhere, over the frontiers. The new prospective from which we see our defined objectives, is caused by the “domino effect” who defines every coaching path.


In the end we realize that we’re just in the future. The coaching path, the development and transformation projects have the power to help persons and teams in evolving. The future is here and now, in the first conversation, in the fatigue and in the changing surprises gradually realized. The conclusion of a path or a project is the springboard towards a new open sea.

A company that cannot self-correct cannot thrive

~ Carol Dweck

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