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Team Coaching

"Straight to the goal!!!" Yes, but sometimes this is not so easy. When you say goal, people may not share the same idea, vision, and sense of priority.

Speaking of goals, what really matters is achieving goals as a team, in the most effective ways and reaping the benefits in the best possible way. This is way team coaching is at the same time highly challenging and fascinating. We work at the individual and team level at the same time, and most importantly we work on connecting these different levels to achieve individual and collective awareness to achieve objectives together.
It is a new feeling every time to see how teams create and recreate themselves, shaping their identity around questions, feedback, input, and insights.
The goal, instead of being an end point, becomes a springboard to the ocean of the future.
As it involves multiple plans and perspectives, a team coaching path is always a mix of coaching, facilitation and learning cues.
For me it is crucial that participants be fully aware of the plan(s) we will be working on.
This is a way to ensure that participants have a clear idea of the resources coming into play, and of what the ultimate purpose of our work is.
People feel engaged and responsible, so that the path becomes "their own path".
This means that the final goal will be the result of the team’s journey as a "reality in itself" and of the development that each participant has personally achieved.
It is so exciting to get to the end of the journey and see the transformation of the team and the evolution of each one of its components.
This is a result that goes far beyond the achievement of the single team goal.
Each coaching team path varies depending on the objectives to be achieved, the size of the team and the extent of time and resources available.
In order to obtain good results, you need 3 basic steps (Kick-off, Middle-term and Final workshop) and at least as many team coaching sessions.
The duration of the workshops and sessions depends on the number of participants, the timline normally varies between 20 and 24 weeks.

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