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Group Coaching

Create the right environment to give you the chance to evolve together using a coaching approach.

Sometimes the most conducive approach is to work together on a group coaching path.
This can happen, for example, during transitions involving different teams, companies, or organization. In such cases, managers and leaders are called upon to manage the transition for themselves, and at the same time supporting their teams in doing the same. In such circumstances, it is quite normal for managers, leaders, and teams to experience transition from different angles, to that their individual goals are often different.
In such cases, a group coaching path can help foster the right environment for development and learning, allowing each participant to focus and achieve the desired results. All participants are called upon to be “coaches” for each other.
After a first phase in which I support all individuals involved in defining their goals, we move on to a short "coaching approach" training, where I help participants acquire a coach mentality and practice mastering some key elements of coach work: deep listening, lack of judgment, open questions, orientation and focus others’ path.
The result is a real laboratory for experience, sharing and creativity that enables action with enhanced energy and determinations.
My role? The discreet director of this wonderful stage where evolution takes place.
Each group coaching path is a story in itself because many different factors can come into play. Normally, in a group coaching path, each group includes between 3 and 8 participants.
The duration of the sessions depends on the number of participants as well as the number of sessions needed. In my experience, this usually ranges from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 24 weeks.

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