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Executive Coaching

What is the personal evolution that this organization, in this moment, in these given circumstances, is offering me to achieve?

This is the most suitable coaching path for organizations and businesses.
I started my career as an in-house coach in a large multinational corporation, and I know this role well.
Coaching with a few senior management members, this journey is about creating the right space for the coachee to become aware that they form part of a complex system and that they have the opportunity to enhance or restore their standing and leadership.
In executive coaching paths you can often experience the wonder of transformation. The coachee becomes aware of the domino effect that transforming leadership has on every aspect of the organization ad its business culture.
When a manager comes to me of their own initiative, my first question is always: what made you take the decision to contact me? What is the objective that you want to achieve?
I do the same when managers are referred to me by the HR department. This gives me the opportunity to define the big picture, the starting point and the expectations around the path that is about to begin.
But it is only the first meeting with the coachee that really provides insight on their personal and professional journey.
Through this meeting, I help them explore and get a first-hand feeling of the real objectives of the coaching journey, the targets to be met and the indicators to help us assess whether the coaching journey has been a success.
When people ask me "What if the goals of the company do not coincide with those of the coachee?", I respond that the starting point of an executive coaching journey is always the need for transformation and change. Although this can take different paths and forms, the need for transformation is clear to the company/organization and manager/leader.
The integral coaching approach that I propose helps the coachee to adopt this perspective, so that the coaching path becomes a partnership towards a stimulating and creative transformative process with a positive spillover effect on the coachee’s network.
A standard executive coaching path usually involves 10-12 hours across sessions that are customized in duration. The total timeline varies between 16 and 24 weeks.

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