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Leadership Development

Leadership Development based on 5 Pillars and 7 Fundamentals.

The first question I ask to people with a leadership role in an organization is: How much do you care? How much do you care about the people in your team, your company, your organization, your group, or your community?
Leadership is not about things: it is about people. A leader doesn’t manage things, a leader lets things happen thanks to people making them happen.
“I care”, is the golden standard for good leadership.
True leadership is one that takes care of people who are directly or indirectly involved in the environment in which leadership develops.
Like all simple and seemingly obvious things, good leadership actually requires great awareness, structure, discipline, creativity and energy.
The leadership development model I propose has 5 Pillars and 7 Fundamentals.

The 5 Pillars are:

  1. Awareness and self-awareness
  2. Rules and discipline
  3. Empathy and orientation to social relationships
  4. Discernment and decision
  5. Operation and inspiration

Leaders must first of all be able to show self-care, know how they work and why.
Leaders must show introspection, curiosity, ability to develop their own intelligence in order to apply knowledge and skills.
Leaders must have self-discipline to be consistent and aligned, but at the same time they need to be willing to open up to embrace the perspective of others: groups, team, organizations, communities…
Leaders must be open to relationships and develop their emotional abilities to tune in and connect to those within their area of influence, including stakeholders.
Leadership develops in a context and it is not a concept “in itself”. For this reason, it is important to be highly aware of the environment and of the people involved.
This is first step towards a complex and fascinating undertaking: be able to understand what is happening and what is needed, which decisions are necessary and who are the people with whom decisions should be taken. This is the way to move in the right direction, which values participation and creates the enabling environment to develop the talent of those involved.
The 7 Fundamentals help leaders in consolidating the 5 Pillars, so that they can transmit their vision through an inspiring leadership that knows how to navigate uncertainty and is at the same time pragmatic and safe.

The 7 Fundamentals:

  1. What are you made of: discover your “form” of leadership
  2. How much do you care? Discover the strength of your values
  3. You are the ship captain in the sea of your emotions
  4. What Leadership style do you prefer? Find your own to learn more about others
  5.  Stay on track and be flexible
  6. Yes, but then… decide to decide
  7. You, They… Us: Leadership is a team game

Leadership development paths are designed to ensure maximum results in accordance with clients’ needs and availability of time and resources. Leadership development paths include Planning, Assessment (if necessary), Training, Facilitation, and Group or Team Coaching.
The average duration of a leadership development path is 12 months approximately.

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