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It is the basic approach.
To thrive and get focused, you need someone to be with you, together in the right place and at the right moment, and with the rightest approach.

Coaching allows you to make a leap forward, or better said, a leap in a new dimension. My job is to be there with you, as a coach in partnership with his clients.

The first key to success in a coaching path with me is found in some basic principles: good listening, presence, equal relationship, non-judgmental approach, open mindedness, asking the right questions at the right time, offering feedback and insights when needed. To these principles, I add a trained sensitivity to offer the most suitable tool according to specific circumstances. This is how I help people fully recognize their dreams, desires, aspiration, and boundaries.

I accompany them in clarifying their mission, their purpose, and their objectives, to achieve and exceed their planned results.

Coaching One-To-One

The moment always comes when you think… “I wish I had a different attitude sometimes”, or “I need more focus”, or “I would like to achieve this and what I need is…”.

Shadow Coaching

“Sometimes, I would like to be my own shadow and see myself as I…”

Group Coaching

Create the right environment to give you the chance to evolve together using a coaching approach.

Executive Coaching

What is the personal evolution that this organization, in this moment, in these given circumstances, is offering me to achieve?

Coaching In Transition

“How is this change going to affect me?”

“Now that change has happened… what happens?”

“What is the best thing to do?”

Team Coaching

“Straight to the goal!!!”

Yes, but sometimes this is not so easy. When you say goal, people may not share the same idea, vision, and sense of priority.