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Leading in Transition

Develop skills and approaches for an effective Leadership journey in moments of transition.

Frequent are the moment when organizations undergo change: structural and organizational changes, acquisitions, mergers, outsourcing and insourcing, new business strategies, handovers. Such changes result in significant transitions, which can impact individuals over months, or even years.
An appropriate and consisten leadership approach is needed to facilitate and accelerate the transition period as much as possible. The full success of the project is at stake. The risk of failure is reduced.
The Leading in Transition program offers you the opportunity to be a leader in specific circumstances. For example, transition moments in which contrasting energies prevail: uncertainty and excitement, fear and momentum, struggle to let go and need for novelty.
What is the difference between this and a "traditional" leadership approach? The answer is: the focus, the approach, the method, and some specific tools that support leadership to be consciously oriented to guide people in the delicate phases of the transition.
An example from the football world: does it take the same to coach a middle-ranking team, a team that is likely to be relegated, and a top-player team that is about to win the championship?
Obviously the 5 Pillars and the 7 Fundamentals are always needed, but the real added value comes from the specific circumstances experienced by the team (therefore also by the coach, the president, the technical team, and the players).
First of all, the team needs to realize where they stand and what each and all need in order to make that qualitative leap forward to achieve full success.
It is about having the vision to understand the “real” situation that lies beneath the surface. It means finding the right time and the most appropriate space to make the right intervention to accelerate the transition process. It means to offer a method, the tools, and the right mental predisposition towards the most appropriate actions.
Leading in Transition programs are highly customized. Their development and duration vary according to the circumstances in which the transition takes place and according to the organization’s availability in terms of time and resources.

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